Nora Dominick is a graduate Cum Laude from Emerson College ’17 where she received a BA in Writing for Film and TV with a minor Journalism. She is currently the TV Editor at BuzzFeed in NYC where she covers current and older TV shows, Marvel, and conducts celebrity interviews.

At BuzzFeed, Nora has led the TV section since 2021 and has helped craft BuzzFeed’s voice on TV show coverage. Alongside her work on timely TV content, she’s also one of the lead writers for all things Marvel at BuzzFeed, most notably writing Easter eggs and details posts for the latest TV shows and movies. Nora also works with the BuzzFeed Celeb video team in helping create some of their content from puppy interviews to thirst tweets and everything in between. She also conducts more straightforward celebrity interviews for BuzzFeed. Prior to becoming TV editor, Nora was also a BuzzFeed editorial fellow and staff writer.

Before BuzzFeed, Nora was the executive stage editor for Emertainment Monthly at Emerson College and an editorial writer for Fangirlish.com. Nora also worked as an editorial intern for BroadwayWorld.com in NYC and a developmental intern at Valhalla Entertainment in Los Angeles.

As an editorial intern for BroadwayWorld, Nora assisted in writing articles, conducting interviews with industry professionals and working on publishing press releases to the site. Nora’s love for Broadway and the theatre community comes through in her articles and the type of work she associates herself with.

Nora’s work with Emertainment Monthly included reviewing Broadway and Off-Broadway productions and as editor her job allows her to pitch ideas to her staff of writers. She is also a major contributor to the TV section of the website. Nora writes weekly reviews for the hit TV shows, Arrow and How to Get Away with Murder. Her work with Emertainment Monthly has led her to seek internships in the entertainment journalism field.

At Emerson College, Nora was an avid participant at The Emerson Channel and Emerson Independent Video (EIV)She worked her way through the control room of the TV studios learning everything she possibly can about studio television. She went onto be the director for Good Morning Emerson and The Dish.

Nora also participated in the EVVY Awards at Emerson College. During the 35th Annual EVVY Awards, she was the Judges Coordinator and Associate Directors thus having a hand in pre-production and production of the live multi-camera award show.

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